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Friday, February 26, 2016

Build Your Own Vertical Stealth Ham Antenna

Paint it to camouflage it or make a flag pole
 If you are one of those ham radio operators that live in a restricted antenna area or you don't want to upset your neighbors think about a stealth antenna. You can search on youtube and find all kinds of videos where hams are disguising their antennas or putting them in an attic. There are all kinds of antennas you can homebrew and build. That is what the hobby is about, imagining, designing, building and testing. Basically just have some fun and share your project. You never know how you might help someone else that is in the same predicament.
 Alot of this type of stealth antenna is basically a long telescoping fiberglass tube with a wire in it cut for a certain band of frequencies. Then you use a good antenna tuner to tune the system properly so you don't burn up your ham radio. There are plenty of places on the internet where you can purchase the fiberglass tubing or you can buy one off of ebay. Here is a link below where you can click on to find some good deals on these fiberglass telescoping masts. The wire can be bought off ebay or from your local lowes or home depot store.
CLICK HERE FOR Fiberglass Telescoping Masts And Fiberglass Flag Poles

 The other type of vertical stealth antenna and be built out of telescoping aluminum tubing. It can be placed in some heavy duty pvc pipe and disguised as a flagpole. You can even buy some of these fiberglass flag poles to install the aluminum tubing or wire in. Once again ebay is an excellent place to buy these from. Here is a link below where you can search for these items.
CLICK HERE FOR Aluminum Tubing

               Refurbished Flagpole by gwaldon85

 The above video gives a good picture of what the flagpole would look like. You would never know it was an antenna.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Build A Simple J-Pole Antenna

 If your looking for an antenna project to build make it simple. Why not build yourself a J-Pole Antenna for your favorite band and see how well you do. Generally you can build a j-pole antenna out of some common parts from your local hardware store or Lowes or Home Depot. One of the nice features of a J-Pole Antenna is that they can be designed for pretty much any ham radio band. Just remember as you go towards those HF Bands such as 20 meters, 40 meters, 80 meters and 160 meters the antenna will become much larger. Although those high frequencies like 160, 80, 40 and even 20 meters may no be too practical unless you have a really tall place to hang it from.
  A 160 meter J-Pole Antenna may be around 371 feet tall. Now there may be a way to shorten the antenna or make it out of wire and bend it to make it fit. All I can say is you would have to try it and see what the results are. Unfortunately the j-pole antenna was really designed and suited for the bands such as 10 meters, 6 meters, 2 meters and lower. Here is a link to one of the best J-Pole Calculators I have seen http://www.hamuniverse.com/jpole.html . Of course there are many other j-pole antenna calculators on the internet will do a good job . There are also plenty of websites where you can learn more about this type of Ham Antenna.
 If you are building your own j-pole antenna you will find that they are usually made out of copper tubing. People tend to like this material due to the fact that it is easy to solder. Just remember the smaller the antenna the cheaper it will cost. Now if you do not want to build your own from scratch you can buy one from ebay in a kit form that you put together like any new antenna. You will find that prices do vary depending on where you purchase it from. So here is a link you can click on to check out some j-pole antennas.

 I would advise to check out youtube for all kinds of videos on different types of J-Pole Antennas.

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