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Sunday, December 11, 2016

3 Ham Antennas You Can Homebrew For This Spring

Yagi Ham Antenna
 There are 3 Ham Antennas you can homebrew for your Ham Shack this coming spring. The three I like are the yagi, moxon and quad antennas. When your thinking of a yagi ham antenna you have some different ways of building one. The first is made with pvc conduit pipe and wire. The only issues are that depending on the ham band it may be somewhat heavy and it may not hold up for too long in the weather. The other choice is to use some aluminum tubing. The pvc may be cheaper to use and is good for experimenting with. The aluminum tubing can be bought through hygain and DX Engineering just to name a few.
 The second ham antenna is the Moxon Antenna. Basically it is a rectangle with two pieces of wire. There are many different websites and videos on the internet that can be a tremendous help in designing and building a moxon antenna. If it's for six meters or 10 meters it can be made out of pvc conduit pipe. Once again it may be a little heavy and bend or droop. I would suggest putting some dowel rod or smaller metal conduit inside the pvc pipe for extra added support. Check out the Moxon Antenna Project for some awesome information. If you are looking for more Beam Antennas Click This Link For Beam Antennas.
 My third choice for a good ham antenna is the quad antenna. These antennas in the 2 meter, 6 meter and 10 meter bands can be made and are not too heavy. Another idea for the spreaders is to use 16 foot telescoping crappie fishing poles. These can actually be used for all three types of antennas. The nice part about them is that they are made of fiberglass and will hold up in the weather. The other added plus is that they are not too expensive. Cabelas on the internet has them for a good price.

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