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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Simple Ways To Build Ham Antennas

 The best way to research what antenna to build is first determine your safe area to mount your antenna. Stay far away from power lines. Next determine what frequency you will be transmitting on. That will determine the size of the antenna. In other words a 2 meter antenna will be much smaller than a 20 meter antenna. The next thing is what are you going to build your antenna out of. Many Hams use pvc pipe. You would be surprised as to the designs you can come up with using electrical pvc pipe and various connectors.
 Pvc pipe is not all that expensive and antenna wire is not too expensive. It's all up to your imagination. Think about a certain antenna such as a quad antenna and the research it on the internet. Download some of the antenna building programs that are free. Then look for an antenna calculator and start your project today. Remember it's going to get cold outside. Also think about whether the antenna will be out in the winter.
 Start your antenna project today and take notes. Share your findings on the internet and maybe someone will like your antenna and build one. The Ham Radio Hobby is all about learning, sharing and having fun.

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