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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Homebrew A Shortwave Antenna

 Shortwave Radios are very popular these days. I have a feeling it's due to all the events happening throughout the world. We all just want to keep close tabs on whats happening. Plus if there happens to be an emergency we need some kind of communication with the outside world. So aside from Ham Radio, Shortwave Radio is the next best thing.
 So if you are going to have a shortwave radio you should have a good antenna to go with it. The popular design tends to be a discone antenna design. This may be a little difficult for the homebrewer to build. Now I am not saying it can't be done, but may need some real thinking about the parts involved. So the question is then what will deliver good results and be fairly easy to build ?
  Well it comes down to two designs that I can think of. The first would be maybe a wire dipole of some sort. You may have some traps involved for the various bands and frequencies. Of course we are not transmitting, so power is not really a concern. The second type of shortwave antenna would be in the vertical category. This would obviously not have to be extremely tall, so aluminum tubing would not have to be to expensive. The vertical antenna is going to take up little area and ground radials will not be needed. In fact I would mount it on top of some kind of mast. I might use a telescoping mast, so it's easy to put up or take down.
 Well whatever style of antenna you choose is up to you. My advise is build different styles and determine which one works best for you.

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