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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cushcraft Makes Some Excellent Ham Antennas

 If you are looking to buy a very well made ham antenna I would check out the antennas made by cushcraft. If you check out the reviews at eham.net you will find some pretty good reviews. I have heard some issues with the MA5B beam antennas, but I wonder if it's from going past the specs it's made for. With cushcraft you will find a variety of vertical antennas for various bands as well as beam antennas that cover the different ham bands. Some are in the multiband category and will give access to some of the favorites like the 17 meter or 20 meter band.
 Now you can buy a new antenna or you may find a good deal on a used ham antenna. There are many dealers on the internet that have some good deals. I myself like to browse through Ebay and see whats for sale. If you do go this route I would make sure to read the reviews. If you are not interested in going with cushcraft, there are many different brands and styles of ham antennas to choose from.
 One consideration to deal with is the typical where can I fit this in my yard. If you are blessed with a good amount of property, then you main concern will be your budget. If you are like me then you are limited as to a certain size of ham antenna. Cushcraft does make the smaller beam antennas for the popular bands and then you have the smaller antennas for bands such as the 2 meter band. It all depends where you may want to transmit. So whatever the case may be just make sure to have fun.

If you are looking for a ham antenna just click this link                            Cushcraft Ham Antennas

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Build A Tak-tenna For Small Space Enviroments

 If you are looking for a interesting antenna to build I would look at the Tak-tenna design. I have read some reviews around the internet and it's kind of a mixed bag. Some hams like it and some don't. I think it's one of those things you will just have to try for yourself. If you are interested in buying a tak-tenna or building one click on this link http://www.tak-tenna.com/ .

 This is one of those antennas that can be made of parts easily available at any local hardware store such as lowes or home depot. There are plenty of youtube videos out on the internet where you may get a better understanding of the antenna and how it works.
 If you make one yourself it can be done with pvc pipe and sturdy copper wire of a heavy gauge that will keep it's shape. I would suggest that you read all information out there and use a good swr analyzer to make sure of what it's doing before connecting it to your ham radio. There is no sense in burning up a good transceiver.
 I think if I were building one I may experiment with different sizes and shapes. I may also add another spiral or two just to see what changes.

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