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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Designing And Building A Yagi Antenna

 So where do you start with building a yagi antenna. The first thing I would determine is what ham radio band are you going to be transmitting on. This will determine the size of the yagi antenna you wish to build. For example going from a 6 meter yagi antenna to a 40 meter yagi antenna will be a big size difference. That's not to mention the cost of the materials you are going to use to build the antenna.
 The next step you should take is how do I design this yagi antenna. Well there are many different antenna calculators out on the internet that you can use to determine the lengths of the elements for your antenna. The other choice is how many elements are you thinking of. Obviously the more elements the bigger the antenna, the stronger the materials, the heavier the antenna and where do you fit this monster. If you have the budget and the space I say go for the big monster antenna.
  Another important factor to consider is what are you going to mount this yagi beam antenna on. If it is a small 2 meter or 6 meter antenna you can get away with a metal push up mast such as Rohn makes. Just make sure to support it properly with good guy ropes. I use one and I have it wall mounted to my shed and I use for strong dacron guy ropes. The other choice if it's bigger is to use a antenna tower such as one made by Rohn. Now there are other brands of antenna towers that will provide excellent strength. I used a 40 foot bracketed tower years ago that was riveted. I had it wall mounted to the garage and guy roped as well. It supported my pdl II Antenna for the 11 meter band quite well back in the 70s.
 One other important fact is that this is a directional antenna. In other words you point it in the direction you wish to transmit. So you are going to need a rotator to turn the antenna. There are some that are cheaper that will easily turn a 6 meter or 2 meter antenna. If you are going with a bigger beam antenna I would use one from hygain or Yeasu. You will find that the bigger antenna to support the more expensive it will be. Now I do remember one fellow years ago that used a bicycle crank, sprockets and chain to turn his antenna. I just don't think my wife would like me drilling big holes in the wall.
 If you are building out of aluminum tubing you may check out dx engineering. I would also check out Amazon, but I think your best bet would be Ebay. Smaller yagi antennas for 2 meters, 6 meters or smaller can be made of electrical pvc conduit and good antenna wire. You will find that results will very. I would also make sure you have a good antenna analyzer to use in the building of this yagi antenna. There are also plenty of good books on amazon that will help in the building of an antenna. ARRL Manuals come to mind.
 Always remember to check out your location for power lines and stay safe.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Start Planning A Nice Hex Beam For The Summer

 If you are thinking about a nice antenna project and want a beam for a smaller footprint why not go with a nice hex beam. I have heard many different hams talking about them and they do a nice job. The other nice feature is that they don't take up alot of space. Also they don't have to be placed up too high, so you might get away with a nice 20 foot rohn tower. They always remind me of the old clotheslines that my mother had outside of the house.
Here are a few videos I came across on building a Hex Beam. It should give some good ideas as to building your own Hex Beam Antenna.



  The best advise I can give is look at various videos on the internet and see how various hams design their Hex Beam Antennas. Then take what they did and try to improve on that. Maybe you can think of some different materials to use. Then you can build it and see if it survives your particular environment. If you have any good ideas be sure to leave a comment. Who knows what you say may help someone else figure out a problem they are having.
  Of course if you do not want to build your own hex beam there is nothing wrong with buying a new or used hex beam antenna. I know that DX Engineering has a nice hex beam kit. It can cover a few different frequencies. Also one important feature is that with the light weight of the hex beam it does not take a big heavy duty rotator to turn it. Do a little searching for hex beam antennas on the internet and you will find all kinds of excellent websites on designing and building hex beam antennas. I have found that there are various places where you can buy the center hub as well as the spreaders.

Always be aware of your surroundings and watch out for power lines.

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