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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Support Your Homebrew Antenna With A Rohn Tower

 If you are going to homebrew any ham radio antenna you are going to need to support it with something. For some lightweight antennas you can get away with a metal push up mast made by rohn as well as others. In fact a few years ago I found mine at lowes. These push up masts work well with a lightweight vertical, two element yagi or a small moxon antenna. I also connect one leg of my dipole antenna to the push up mast and the other to a tree.
 Now if you are going to homebrew a larger ham radio antenna such as a 20 meter moxon or maybe a four element yagi antenna you will need something better. This is where I would advise to go into a rohn antenna tower. There are different models that will support larger antenna arrays. You can search ebay for some excellent prices on new and used antenna towers. Just make sure to check out the seller before buying.
 If you are going with an antenna tower decide on how tall you want it to be. Also make sure of any rules in your area and town, because rules do vary. Also there are different types of antenna towers. Some of them are self supporting where guy ropes are not needed, but if you feel you want them use them. Some antenna towers are the crank up styles where you hand crank up or down. There are also some where you can use a electric winch to raise or lower it, just make sure to have safety breaking methods in place so it does not come crashing down.

 There are a few other types of antenna towers out there as well. Some antenna towers will tilt over allowing easy access to your antenna for servicing. Another feature I have seen are the hazers that allow the antenna to be raised or lowered for easy repair. Sometimes an antenna will be brought down in case of bad weather. I have seen an antenna tower that sort of folds up and you can see this by searching youtube videos. Just make sure that whatever you do check out the area for any power lines, because nobody needs to go to heaven to early.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Build A Delta Loop Antenna As A Christmas Project

Have you got some time on your hands this year. Why not work on building a nice loop antenna. There are quite a few different ways to build a loop antenna. I have seen where a right angle pvc pipe, pvc pipe and some crappie fishing poles were used to make the popular diamond loop shape. Some people designed the antenna to be mounted on top of a mast, while others mounted it sitting on a table. It can be hung off a fiberglass telescoping mast or hung from a tree. Just check out your location and start the thinking process.
 Just click on the links below to watch some excellent videos.
  1. https://youtu.be/Ji-A77k-RQw 
  2. https://youtu.be/QJl3S9x6K_I 
  3. https://youtu.be/mWY8kGUrRks 
Here are a few Antenna Calculators for Delta Loop Antennas.
  1. http://home.kendra.com/kj7yl/ant.htm 
  2. http://www.ws6x.com/ant_calc.htm 
  3. http://www.n1wpn.net/loop_antennas_and_calculator 
  There are many different designs for Loop Antennas so start designing today. If you have a Loop Antenna leave a comment.

If your looking to buy a Loop Antenna follow this link  Click For Loop Antennas

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