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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Build An Antenna For Your Scanner

  Yes the antenna that comes with your table top scanner can only do so much. When I had my Ham Shack Temporarily on the second floor of my house the scanner picked up quite a few frequencies. Now I have my Ham Shack and Computer Room in the lower level of our raised ranch. Yes the signals have diminished due to the antenna being lower.
 Okay so what are my different choices at this point. Well the first option is to get an antenna outside and up on my mast or on the roof. The next choice is whether to buy a nice scanner antenna or build a nice scanner antenna. Well I have decided to build a scanner antenna with some heavy duty wire and some pvc pipe. I can then use a small marine pulley that will withstand the weather and pull it up high on my vertical antenna mast.
  So you may be asking how did I determine the length of the scanner antenna. Well I did what any Ham Radio Operator would do, I searched the internet and got out my ARRL Manuals. I found the formulas for determining the antenna length. I went on the internet and found various antenna calculators. In fact here is a link to  a antenna calculator http://www.csgnetwork.com/antennagenericfreqlencalc.html . There are many other websites out there on the internet with all kinds of information on building scanner antennas.
 Now if you do not want to build a scanner antenna you can buy a good antenna. There plenty of vertical and Discone Scanner Antennas. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a new antenna. My advise is to check out Amazon and Ebay for some good deals on scanner antennas. Here is a link to scanner antennas Scanner Antennas At Ebay . If you prefer Amazon here is another link Scanner Antennas At Amazon.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Simple Rotatable Dipole Antennas Can Be Simple

 If your looking for a simple antenna to build think about a rotatable dipole antenna. There are a few different ways to design this type of antenna. It can be made of aluminum tubing or wire. The aluminum tubing may give a better bandwidth and have better strength. If you are thinking of using wire you may want to design the support structure out of electrical pvc conduit. The only issue is when you get 20 meters or larger it may have problems with support and sagging. That is when an engineering design may help.
                      Simple rotary dipole by dx2hunt
  If you are looking for excellent websites on rotatable dipole designs here are a few links http://k8jhr.com/files/20_meter_dipole_summary_a_ver_2_n.pdf , http://www.k6if.com/40dip/40dip.html and http://www.va7st.ca/rotary.htm . There are of course plenty of other excellent websites and videos on youtube that will provide some good information on building and designing rotatable dipoles. Here is a calculator for a dipole antenna that may be helpful in designing a rotatable dipole antenna http://www.csgnetwork.com/antennaedcalc.html . Of course you may have to take into consideration of what material you design it with.
 Some of the best places I have seen for aluminum tubing is DX Engineering, Hygain and Aluminum Tubing at http://www.antennapartsoutlet.com/Pages/Products/Aluminum.html . You can also as I sated earlier that you could use pvc tubing and wire. These items can be bought locally at lowes and home depot as well as other hardware stores. If you need 4 or 5 way pvc connectors and you can purchase them online. If you are going to build any ham antennas I would suggest to purchase a good MFJ SWR Analyzer .

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